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Thursday, March 25, 2010

8x10: Window For Mom: Painted Jan. 22, 2010

8x10: Window For Mom
Originally uploaded by diannna-art
Acrylic paint on 8x10 stretched canvas.
(From package of Titanium
acrylic gesso primed canvases)
I was in Edmonton, AB, Canada.. which seemed like galaxies away from NY when I got the call that my mother had a heart attack. It was very late at night, but in the morning I was able to call my mother. I wrote down things she said, like there was 'mint green' and 'lilac purple' in her room, but no window. I really felt that the lack of window upset her.

I wanted to rush home immediately, but was advised to wait. I was expected back to NY in a week, after all. But there came a time when I could no longer ignore the calling inside to go home. No one held me back. In fact, everyone around me took care of everything as I was not at my best.

When told I had a few hours before leaving for the plane, I packed my bags. Things I thought I had a week to tend to, swept together at such speed it is rather amazing that I did not forget most of everything in Canada. And when I could not sleep. When I took a break from packing.. I painted.

The painting is of green walls, a purple window frame and the happiest sky I could think of. I imagined the clouds lazily moving by so slowly.. the tree reaching upward and just out of view were birds. The sky the calmest blue I could mix together. Shading, blending and avoiding the use of black paint as I never have before.

It was the most difficult painting I ever created. I was so intent on making something cheerful, while thinking she might not ever get a chance to see if..

But, she did see it.

It stayed in her room when I could not. It matched the colors she described. And, they both left the hospital behind. They are both home. Some time has passed.. and it was about time I sat down and finally mentioned the most overwhelming piece I have created to-date. I find myself rather proud of the accomplishment.

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