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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Circles/Dots: Work in Progress. Jan 2nd - ?

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Picked up a small pack of #2 pencils and decided to create a piece with a simple shape over and over.

I used the plastic cover from a tube of potato chips to help keep the shape the same size (should buy or create a compass..) and a handful of Canadian quarters for reference.

Each day I have chosen a color, painted and let it dry until the next day. It has been a relaxing journey so far.. picking colors and slowly adding them in. Now I have reached a point where the circles are colored in. But.. I still see pencil lines.

I am not sure what will happen tomorrow. Will I outline all the circles and make it look like something out of a coloring book? Or maybe I will spend some time online searching for a tutorial on how to shade already painted sections. How will this painting end up? Only time can tell.

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