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Sometimes it just shows up, performing an aerial glomp.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ACEO: Homes: Painted January 4, 2010

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When I sat down with the blank card, I had considered using a second piece of paper and cutting a skyline stencil. In the end, I decided to make the shapes as I went along.

I am currently in Edmonton, but miss New York. Each has a place I call home, but often when in one.. I think of the other. I wanted something that had both in one place.

How I wish NY and Edmonton were neighboring cities! A short road trip or to be able to hop on the train and visit both would be fantastic. In reality they are far apart. In my painting, I form a mini world consisting of shapes I have seen in both cities.

Maybe someday I will take photos and try to stencil some buildings. But the vague shapes are enough to stir my imagination.. making me feel I am close to both homes.

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