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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Video: Bunny Silhouette: Painted March 19, 2010

Painting the 8"x10" Bunny Silhouette on March 19, 2010.

I have been painting for over two years, but had not made a video of me painting in real time until creating this one. This video is of me painting (rather rushed) a bunny silhouette. It was my first time trying to paint a bunny at all. I believe this is the fastest I ever painted. I was very aware that the camera was recording and did not want the video to be too long.

I think it's more fun watching the colors mix on the canvas itself.
Makes the inner child do a little happy dance.
Pretty much coated.
I don't like any of the canvas showing through..
I don't mind the texture. I just don't like the.. white of the canvas.
I guess it's a.. habit now, to try to hide every little square.
It's like a minute little waffle.
Ok, the horizon will be somewhere around there.
(To the paint clinging to the tube) Let go.
I like to make it curve along the edges and paint on the outside.
This way if I hang it on the wall, look it from a different angle.. it's still going on.
..Be one of those things that no one really notices, but it amuses me.
That's pretty much how I do a really simple sky.
Looks like a windy day.
Think I'll add a slight touch of purple*, just for fun.
Probably hardly anyone will notice that later, (chuckle) but I like it.
So this is.. Mars Black. It's pretty thick. I'll have to get a new one soon.
..Get another brush.
When I was little I used to watch Bob Ross on public television.
Can't paint anything like and I don't have any fun commentary like him.
But, every once in a while I paint a tree and I think, 'Happy little tree!'
Today I guess it's a happy little silhouette.
Though it's dark because it's a silhouette, I think it'll be happy.
It's an eight by ten canvas and I like holding it underneath.
Knowing my luck, I'm probably breaking some rule about how you're supposed to paint.
Probably line of sight or something.
But, I'm still at a stage where I'm painting for myself, for fun.
Some of my family and friends are amused by it. Which, is bonus. It's nice.
I like a really sharp edge. Can't always get it to happen.
But that doesn't stop me from trying.
Really is thick black paint. I guess I've had it too long.
And right here.
Well, I have a certain holiday on my brain. That should become obvious.
Try not to waste paint, I'm grabbing it from the other brush.
(chuckle) My first attempt at painting a bunny.
Drew one on a piece of paper nearby. Proof that my animal drawing skills aren't that grand.
But cute in my mind, sure. Bunny tail. (chuckle)
It's looking totally out of proportion.
But when it comes to painting, I guess sometimes you do better than other times.
Trying to make this a little darker. He's looking up. Little bit of the nose.
Kinda looks like a chocolate bunny more than a real one. (loud exhale, chuckle)
Gotta pick up some paint here and darken it up.
I like to do finer details with my left hand sometimes. Easier that way.
I like the little bit of light showing through, the paws. (sigh) Hmm.
Looked like he hurt a paw. And.. I'll have to try it again sometime.
Maybe paint over this one.
That's a problem**

*Dioxazine Purple
**Refers to trying to put the painting down while all the edges are wet.

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