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Monday, September 20, 2010

Video: Painting a Background on September 20, 2010

Work in progress.. This video is just the background being painted for a future silhouette.

Hey there. I am going to work on the background of a painting today.
I have a bar stool, ceramic tile, a towel I've already beaten up in the past. ..Thumbnail sketch to inspire me.. remind me of what I am working on..
And an eight by ten canvas.
I had tried to paint outside and got attacked by some mosquitoes.
So.. I moved things indoors, by an open window.
Just mixing some blue and white.
This stage I'm not really worrying about the exact color.
I like to cover the canvas.. even if I am painting with white..
Just like to cover all that waffle-y bit of the uh original canvas.
I don't mind the texture coming through, Just want to cover all that white.
Makes me feel like I accomplished something. [Loud sigh]
Every once in a while I get a piece of solid paint in there.
So I try taking it out with tweezers or edge of a card or paper.
I'm a little neurotic about details.
Gonna throw a little white in.
Ah, and I hear some banging outside.
The weather is cool enough for some construction today.
[Short, squeaky giggle]
Painting around the edges..
Doesn't look like much right now, but..
I always have a really messy phase where looks like I don't know where I'm going.
Some days I don't, but today I know exactly what I want.
Ok, I feel that I covered the canvas really well.
Just going to rotate and check the edges.
Yay! Ok..
Just want to lighten it up a bit more.
I want a sky that looks really cheery. Not too icy.
My favorite days are cool days where it's not too hot, not too cold..
You look up into the sky and there's that hint of blue..
But it's not too overwhelming. That's what I have in mind.
Ok, so we have that basically.. covered. K.
[Barely audiable, Whispered to self, "It's this one."]
Sometimes when I don't use a brush for a while..
It feels like it's not as soft so..
I like to play with it for a moment before mixing it with paint.
This is Light Portrait Pink. I think it's a romantic color.
And since the notion I have in my head is a bit romantic..
I wanted to put this color in.
Looks like it's not blending exactly according to plan..
That's OK. I'll make it work.
Looks a bit rough right now.
Um.. a thin brush.
I keep hitting the tripod.
[Sigh] I won't be able to do that.*
Taking off some excess paint off the sides.
[Singsong] And blend blend blend blend blend.
I think this brush is too small.**
[Fustrated sigh] Tripod..is..annoying me.
[Short, self-depricating laugh] [sigh]
Ok..Thankfully** I have a brush with a shorter handle.
This is a bronzing blush.. bronzing BRUSH.
It's more for cosmetics instead of paint..
[Singsong] But that's not how I use it.
I never really use a bronzer. Blush? Sure.
But I have seperate brushes for my face.
[Sound of a saw] Hmm.. more construction outside.
Trying to make that pink kind of wisp upwards.
And, flipping it over.. So I have a similiar texture up top.
So at this stage it might not look like much..
But.. after it dries. It will be perfect for a background
And I'll add the silhouette a little later or tomorrow.
Sometimes I like to use a fan brush to correct little areas..
It's probably not how you are supposed to use it at all..
But I like how thin it is and it gently pushes at the paint
Or.. this angle it's more of a pulling.
And that's it for now.
Sooner or later it will be something more.
Ok, Bye for now.

* 'that' meaning use the left hand the want I wanted to.
** 'too small' the brush was causing grooves in the paint and I had to be more careful.

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