I do not seek inspiration or wait around hoping it will find me.
Sometimes it just shows up, performing an aerial glomp.

Friday, September 24, 2010

ACEO: Falling Leaves. Completed September 24, 2010

ACEO: Falling Leaves
Originally uploaded by diannna-art
Acrylic paint on 2 1/2" x 3 1/2",
246# Strathmore Acid Free acrylic paper.
September 22nd, I painted with Primary Blue and Titanium White, blending into a medium blue. (Not too dark.. not too light.) This was one of those many times in which I create a background for the fun of it.. just to feel the brush move paint around.. and not know what will be added later.

Maple trees are one of my favorite types of trees. I love the sound of wind moving through the leaves, the memory of climbing a few, and where ever might settle down.. I hope there will be a maple tree in the yard. While staring out my window on September 23rd, I watched as a few leaves fell to the ground.. and grabbed my notebook to see if I could draw anything closely resembling maple leaves.

Since I thought my thumbnail sketch somewhat resembled maple leaves, I attempted it with paint. I imagined the wind taking hold of a few leaves, making them twist and turn before reaching the ground. This silhouette captures that moment.. that illusion for a little while, leaves can fly.

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