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Sometimes it just shows up, performing an aerial glomp.

Monday, August 30, 2010

ACEO: Tree Silhouette: Painted January 3, 2010

ACEO: Tree Silhouette
Originally uploaded by diannna-art
Acrylic paint on 2 1/2" x 3 1/2",
110# Georgia Pacific smooth cardstock
When I first started to mark the names and dates of things I painted.. I was not as organized as I am now or as organized as I hope to become. In January 2010, I learned about ACEO's and this is the first one I ever created.

I painted this piece to experiment with smaller, more intricate brushstrokes than what was needed on 16x20 or 8x10 canvases. It was a fun and soothing experience as I imagined the peaceful hour of twilight.

Just to see what would happen.. I asked my husband to put it on eBay. We posted it for very cheap and at the end of the auction, there were a couple of bids and it sold for just over one dollar.

Now I use the image for my web banners and avatars.. but I realized I never actually posted it on my Art Diary. So, I decided to correct that.

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